«My disease was not an impediment, on the contrary, it was the impulse to do more than just muscle exercises: it is therapy.»

The reverse of a diagnosis almost always redirects the path of life. This happened to Teresita Paniagua Cardozo, this 33-year-old post-owner who this Saturday in Encarnación will participate in her second official bodybuilding competition. The path that led this doctor and dance teacher to the main scene of said event started after a diagnosis: seven years ago she learned that she had lupus but did not stop, on the contrary, she began training to counteract the disease and she did it. A story where improvement and effort are the norm.

Teresita was born in Posadas but since she was young she lives in Asunción, when she moved with her mother after her parents’ divorce. «I always go to Posadas because my whole family is there, » he assured FIRST EDITION . In Asunción he studied medicine and it is where he exercises his profession. «I am also a senior teacher in classical, Paraguayan and modern dance» and «I practice in my spare time. I teach in a dance school, training girls, he said.

In addition to being a doctor and dance teacher, he is a bodybuilder. This part of his life began when he was 25 years old and his mother died in an accident. At the age of two he found out that he had lupus and at that moment he decided to change his life completely : he began to train, his days began at 4.30 in the gym, then breakfast «to have a good performance and muscle development» and then between 8 and 10 hours attending to patients. In between I had to eat and that’s how six years passed. I had details here to change my lifestyle. It was a radical Boldenone. » Along the way, I overcame prejudices and criticism from very close people. Nothing stopped me, «he said.

The choice of bodybuilding was not random. Knowing the medical side, I decided to take a different path because lupus mainly affects the joints. Then I knew that I had to strengthen my muscles, my body. So it was that I got the disease to be completely extinguished, «he said. The latest studies indicate that «it is inactive». I used to take a lot of medications a day, I was in pain, it was quite difficult and everything was disappearing. To this day I am more alive than ever, she said.


«From the first day I stepped in a gym, I said I would compete sometime , « Teresita recalled, and so it was. On August 3, I entered my first competition as a bikini wellness athlete in which experienced and high-level athletes in Paraguay faced each other.

Then, preparation began for the second performance as a bodybuilding athlete. The choice of this competition has a lot to do with the heart: it is in Encarnación, a city next to his native Posadas and the whole family already plans to cross the bridge to encourage it . «The family always supported me 100% in this new venture,» said the doctor. The competition will be on Saturday the 3rd at the Hotel Casino Carnaval from 4pm.

I believe, and learned from these years through my own experience, that everything is in oneself. One must make the decision. The secret and the power are in our mind, we can cure illnesses having a positive spirit. Boldenone is a path, because whoever decides to do this enters a different world where there is a lot of discipline, perseverance, and then things go it alone, «said Teresita.  Exercise, doing an activity that we like, is the secret . It allows us to generate hormones of pleasure, of happiness, and that means that it can heal us of any illness, even one like mine that is closely related to the emotional system.

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